Prayer. Just do it.

Here’s a simple tip.

Start every day with prayer. For an hour, 30 minutes, or even just five minutes. Center yourself on God. Picture Jesus sitting next to you on your favorite couch, park bench or fishing boat. Talk to him. How? However you want. Pope John Paul II says we should pray in whatever way works for us. John Denver said, “Talk to God, and listen to his casual reply.” It doesn’t matter what you say, what you think, or whether you kneel, sit, or stand. What matters is that you talk with the One who put you here.

Prayer’s not a one way conversation. Every now and then, close your trap and listen. Ask questions. Listen quietly to the answers.

Starting my day with prayer makes the day more positive and less painful. It helps remind me of what really matters, and what doesn’t. It makes me a better person.

Don’t expect miracles, at least not on your first visit. For the overwhelming majority of us, prayer is quiet one-on-one time between you and God. For a while, you may think you’re talking to yourself. Accept it, and stick with it. Before long, you’ll look back and realize that the path of your life changed the day you started meeting with God first.


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