Love someone today

Acts of love change everything. They make you feel better and stronger. They make the one you love feel better, and they compel that person to “pass it on.” The world becomes a better place with every act of love. Little ones, big ones, or in-between size acts all have the same impact.

Meteorologists, trying to explain weather patterns, often say that a butterfly flapping its wings on one side of the continent can lead to a tornado on the other side. Love is more powerful than that. Holding a door for someone with a smile on your face can kick off a chain reaction that could end the hostilities in Libya. All kinds of love count, from the mushy, smoochy, cuddly kind to the holding a door and smiling kind.

When Jesus explained his plan to the apostles, it was very simple: love one another. Christianity spread around the world based on these three simple words. It’s gone from a single room of simple and confused people to a worldwide organization that incorporates about one-fifth of the world’s population (so far). It’s been working for over 2,000 years, and it’s power is growing, not diminishing.

Love one another


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