A daily dose of discipline

We are human and we are divine. We are of God and of the Earth. We think and we feel. Our humanness is where sin gets in. Our divine spirit does not get tired, irritable or subject to urges, but our human side is vulnerable to all of these.

To succeed as God’s people, we need to be controlled by our divine nature. We cannot deny our human nature, but we can control it. That is a lifelong struggle. Every day, select one thing from which you will abstain. It should be a thing that your human being wants, but could do without for a day. It could be some sort of favorite food or some other thing you put in your body. It could be a habit that you have. It could be your temper, or it could be sex. It could be anything. Pick something new each day and, just for today, abstain from it. Learn that your spiritual person is the master of your physical person.

A daily dose of discipline.


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