By the way, you’ll fail too

You will. You’ll make a resolution and break it. You’ll vow to exercise but won’t. You will promise to be patient with your wife/son/coworker, but she/he/they push that one button that always boils your coffee. No matter how sincere we are, in some way, every day it seems we fall short. That’s okay. It’s part of the plan, believe it or not. Don’t think of your failures as an end of your hope or goals. Think of failure as a necessary part of your journey. It’s a rock in your path, not a stone wall. The path is still there and you’re still moving along. Get up, dust off, get your bearings and start out again. Maybe you’ll trip over the next rock, or maybe you’ll step over it. The trail is covered with rocks. Learning how to avoid stumbling is the whole point of the journey; and each time you stumble, you learn something. You learn something about rocks. And you learn something about yourself. Keep hiking. Keep stumbling. Keep getting back up.


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