This blog doesn’t have all the answers for you.

I’m me and you’re you. My story will not fit you exactly. No one’s will.

There is a temptation in today’s world to search for a perfect and complete “answer.” Whether your question has to do with love, money, God, glory, or losing 20 pounds, there isn’t one human place we can turn for the silver bullet, the magic solution that makes everything okay. It’s not there. Stop looking.

Instead of looking for all of the answers in one place, try looking for just one answer in every place. Take one good idea from this site and apply it to your life. Take one story from today’s newspaper and think about how it should affect you. Take one really meaningful verse from the Bible and repeat it to yourself several times today. Take a look, or a listen, or a feel, from the physical world around you to remind yourself that life is meant to be experienced broadly, not narrowly. Don’t let yourself live in a narrow way. Draw your living energy from everything you see, touch, experience and feel.


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