The road is always under construction

In Wisconsin where I have lived my entire life, there’s an old joke that says we have only two seasons: winter and road construction. No matter where we go, road repairs are always getting in our way.

Your life is the same. Some part of you is always under repair, rehabilitation or just outright reconstruction. Get used to it. In fact, start relishing it. Our human lives are all about the construction. This brief trip around the planet Earth is where we shape ourselves for our real life, our eternal life.

Just as Jesus was both priest and sacrifice, we are both the road builder and the road. Our divine self is partnered with our human self, and our job is to make our human self as close to our divine self as possible. It won’t be perfect and potholes will appear immediately after you pour fresh asphalt. That’s the nature of human existence. This is the laboratory where our divine self learns to love; to love despite flaws and failings in ourselves and in everyone else.


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