How much simpler would your life be if, in every situation, you did the right thing without regard for what others think? Follow God’s lead, not your ego’s. at the end of your life, what your boss, your board, or even your wife thinks of your decision in a given situation is meaningless. Thomas Kempis said, “Man considereth the deeds, God considereth the intention.” The only one whose approval you should seek is God, and what God wants from you is love. That’s it.

Picture in your mind how much happier you would be without the distraction of, “the audience.” Look at all of the emotional clutter that just falls away. If you’re reading this blog, I’m assuming you have accepted the fact that God exists. And since God exists, why do these meaningless judgments matter to you? Do God’s will in every thing you do. If you can say that, than you can also let the world’s criticism fall off your back like warm raindrops. Okay, cold raindrops, but the analogy still works.

I’m not there yet. The applause still matters to me. But I can see the goal. I can imagine it. And from time to time, I can even feel it. It is heaven. It is joy. It is peace. It is God’s Kingdom of Heaven.

Henry David Thoreau told us that our life is “frittered away by details.” He exhorted us to simplify, simplify. God and Henry are in agreement. You are living your eternal life right now, but you are frittering it away with the pointless details of this life. You can have God’s Kingdom right now, if you simply let go. Let go of caring that your boss is less than perfect. Let go of the desire to be approved and appreciated. Leg go of your pride in human accomplishments. You will find joy. It really is that simple. The peace of Christ is already within you. It’s waiting there behind the stacks of emotional junk that you are hanging onto. Toss that stuff to the curb, or better yet, just walk out the door and leave it there.

Try it today. Every action is for God. Every word is for God. You know what he wants; you don’t have to even think about it. Do God’s will and be joyful. Do man’s will and worry. It’s a very simple choice.


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