You don’t have to have a PhD

I’m a lover of learning. At any given time, I may be reading six different books, ranging from religion to history, to backpacking. I am slowly but surely making may way through the Bible and the Catechism. I read books on my iPad and listen to CDs on my drive to and from work. I read five newspapers online every morning.

But I can learn just as much about God in one line of a church hymn, or lying on my back, watching clouds float by.

God is in everything we do, we don’t need to go looking for him. We just need to stop and recognize that he’s already here. Saint Therese of Liseux set a giant example for us by being little. In her writings, she acknowledged that theology, philosophy, and all of the other learned stuff of religion just gave her a headache.

She said, “Sometimes, when I read books in which perfection is put before us with the goal obstructed by a thousand obstacles, my poor little head is quickly fatigued. I close the learned treatise, which tires my brain and dries up my heart, and I turn to the Sacred Scriptures. Then all becomes clear and lightsome—a single word opens out infinite vistas, perfection appears easy, and I see that it is enough to acknowledge our nothingness, and like children surrender ourselves into the Arms of the Good God. Leaving to great and lofty minds the beautiful books which I cannot understand, still less put in practice, I rejoice in my littleness because “only little children and those who are like them shall be admitted to the Heavenly banquet.”Fortunately, there are many mansions in my Father’s House. If there were only those—to me—incomprehensible mansions with their baffling roads, I should certainly never enter there . . .,”

She’s a Saint. How you doin’, Doc?


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