Let’s compare crosses

For some reason, I’ve been thinking a lot about crosses these days. Maybe it’s because I’m on the eighth revision of my organization budget in as many months. Maybe it’s because the walking shorts I’m wearing have somehow magically become too tight. Or maybe it’s because I can’t seem to get control over my mouth when I’m eating, drinking, or talking trash with my friends. While I have lots of other failings, those three are the most pressing. And they just refuse to allow themselves to be controlled.

What about you? What’s your cross? What are the earthly “weeds” that get you all tangled up? Money? Physical injury or disability? Emotional crosses of your own making or imposed on you by a thoughtless family member? We all have them. And the variety is as endless as the arrangement of freckles on your shoulders. The trick is not to let them get in our way; not to make the worries of our daily life more important than our walk toward eternal life.

Maybe we can help each other. God created us with a mad variety of individual challenges, but He also created us with the same endless variety of individual strengths. What may be an insurmountable hurdle to you might be an anthill to the person next to you. At the same time, their burden might be overwhelming them while it appears small to you.

We are a “communion of saints,” according to the Creed that we profess. You, me, and all the Catholics that came before us are individual parts of the same body; different players on the same team, if you prefer a sports analogy. We were designed to fit together, to complement one another, to help one another reach the common goal.

To do that, though, we need to reach out to one another. Being Christian is a contact sport; you can’t do it sitting all alone in your living room. It’s not enough to read the Bible faithfully every day. That’s a good thing, but it’s not enough. We need to stay in touch with one another, to be there with a hand when one is needed. Don’t let yourself become a closet Christian. I need you. Thanks for being there.


One thought on “Let’s compare crosses

  1. I was having a bad day on Sunday, so I didn’t go to Mass, it wasn’t Mass I wanted to avoid, but rather being around all those people. But I did stay home and read my Bible. Ha! This is what I read: “We should not stay away from our assembly, as is the custom of some, but encoursage one another, and this all the more as you see the day drawing near.” Hebrews 10:24. I wonder if this is what it means to be “smote” by God?

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