Living on “God time”

I’ve noticed something odd that happens during my morning prayers: time stands still. No matter how many prayers I want to get through, there always seems to be enough time. On the other hand, if I am trying to read memos from work, or squeeze in another chapter of the really good novel I’m reading, the hour or so of free time just evaporates. Weird.

Now, of course, time does not stand still, and I don’t really believe we enter some sort of time oasis. God created the physical laws that determine how the world goes around, and for His own perfect God-reasons, He lets the world function according to them. Sixty minutes is sixty minutes whether you’re reading the Bible or Pulp Fiction. 

But when I spend that sixty minutes in the company of Jesus, it feels like an eternity. This hurry-hurry world can’t seem to break in on that place or that pace. It’s very relaxing, and like many aspects of our eternal life, I can’t explain it. Try it and let me know if you end up with the same result. Maybe we’ve discovered the secret to immortality-spend your life with God. 


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