It’s time to give yourself up.

Sorry about the pause in posts. Life took me in an unexpected direction three weeks ago, and I’ve been adjusting. To be perfectly honest, however, another part of the problem was that I started running out of post ideas, and I was too lazy to sit down and work on a few more. But now I’m back in the game; let’s POST!

Which brings me to another topic: you. How come YOU haven’t been interacting with the rest of us? This is a blog, and a blog’s not supposed to be a one-way conversation. What makes it a community is interaction—your opinion mixed in with mine, hers, his and theirs. Plus, that has some cool Catholic overtones (Let’s COMMUNE, fellow saints!) Let’s hear from you. Throw some comments out there.

Now, back to the topic of the day: giving up. I don’t mean throwing in the towel, walking off the stage, letting the other team score, or stripping buck naked and wading into the sea (it’s from an old English TV comedy called Benny Hill—you’re probably too young to remember that, aren’t you? Google it.) (The trouble with parenthetical comments is they often make me forget my original point. Like it did just now.) Now, where was I? Oh, yes, giving up. The giving up I’m talking about is surrendering your will to God. As Carrie Underwood would say, “Jesus, take the wheel.” Giving it up to God is one of the most powerful things you can do.

We all come to places in our lives where we can’t succeed, no matter what. Whether it’s a job search, a bad habit, or getting through to our bonehead teenager, there are things in our daily lives that beat us. Each of us has at least one; most of us have several. And the solution is the same: Give up. Give up and let the Big Guy deal with it. Do a prayer handoff.

This isn’t me advocating for a new movement of weenies. The idea of surrendering your will to God is a cornerstone of our faith. It’s also been used with worldwide success in helping hopeless alcoholics come back from their own personal abyss. Even Jesus did it (“Not my will, but Thine be done.”) When we “give up,” we’re calling God into the deepest most personal parts of our lives where we need him the most. And that’s where he most wants to be.

Give it a try. Give it up.


One thought on “It’s time to give yourself up.

  1. When we surrender our self to “The God” and God comes and inhabit in us, I often wonder if God become catholic, protestant, brother-en, Adventist. I often wonder do we really experience God or Shadow of God as we want to him to be in our faiths developed by circumstances around us. I never ever perceived God as catholic, protestant, brothern etc. I always considered Him as my savior free from denominations, tribes, casts and creeds

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