You are to die for. Literally.

Here’s your ego boost for the day: Christ died for you. Think about that. Are you really going to complain about your miserable lot in life; how God left you with the short end, the dirty dishes, and the raw deal?

I sometimes think old cliche’s should get another shot. “To die for” is a good example. I have no idea when that phrase first came into vogue. Probably some movie line back in the 40’s. For those of you too young to remember, when something is “to die for,” it is so awesome, so good, and so amazing that you would be willing to die for the opportunity to experience it. I’m not opposed to new cliches’, but somehow describing something great as “sick” or (from a few years ago) “the bomb,” just doesn’t do it for me. If something is “to die for” there’s a certain lasting value in that, don’t you think?

Here’s the remarkable part: that’s how Jesus feels about you. The role that you play in this world is so awesome, so good and so amazing that He was willing to endure the most painful and humiliating form of death. Rock Hudson and Joan Crawford may have said it, but Jesus did it: you were to die for.

Try carrying this one around for a day or two. Remind yourself that your presence here is so vital to God’s plan for the world that He allowed his one and only human son to be murdered to make up for your shortcomings. God wanted you to have the chance to be…you.

Have that kind of day.


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