The Handmaiden of the Lord

If you’re looking for the ultimate example of blind, selfless faith, look no further than The Blessed Virgin. The mother of God shows us how to respond to the Lord’s call, no matter the cost. No hesitation, no doubt. Just simple, complete faith.

We’ve spent so many centuries honoring Mary, that we sometimes overlook the human reality of her situation. Here was a young girl, perhaps just sixteen years old. She is engaged to be married. One day, a man named Gabriel shows up at her house and announces that she has “found favor with God,” and that she will become pregnant and give birth to the leader her entire country has been waiting for.

How many of you would have run screaming to your father, pleading with him to get the family shotgun and protect you from this loon? But Mary, despite being frightened, did nothing like that. She asked Gabriel one practical question, and then gave herself, body and soul, to God. “Let it be done to me according to your word.”

Remember, this was BEFORE Gabriel had explained everything to her fiancee. Joseph bought into the plan, but only after Mary was pregnant. Mary didn’t ask for, and certainly did not have, any assurance that Joseph wouldn’t do what the law required, which is that she be beaten to death with stones. Mary trusted the Lord so completely that she didn’t need that assurance. A sixteen year old home body with little or no experience of the world.

The Handmaiden of the Lord.

Happy Feast Day, Mother Mary.


One thought on “The Handmaiden of the Lord

  1. Our Bishop pointed out in his homily today that this Feast Day can be a little confusing to Catholics, well and I guess anyone else who was curious why all the Catholics went to Mass for lunch today. But anyway, because the Gospel talks about Jesus’ conception and not Mary’s, I suppose because you don’t hear much about Anna & Joachim in the Bible, we don’t hear that Mary was born without original sin as well. But the Bishop’s assurance to us on this Feast Day is that God predestined Mary to bring Jesus into the world to help us with this burden of original sin (the first reading) that some of us struggle with every day. I like that. I need all the help I can get. Thanks for your insights!

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