WARNING: Extreme joy ahead

I usually know when I am closer to the Lord, because I go through a pocketful of tissues. God’s presence hits me right between the tear ducts. The feeling of joy when I am open enough to fill His nearness is incredible. Some people shout for joy, others sing and dance before the Lord. I bawl my eyes out. It used to be embarrassing. Now it’s just awesome.

The presence of God in our lives cannot be adequately explained in words. It is, after all, a feeling, a feeling of the greatest love that we have ever known. There are hints about it throughout the Bible and in the lives of the Saints. People are falling down before the Lord right and left, and the two men who talked with Jesus on the road to Emmaus after His resurrection said later that their hearts “burned,” as He was speaking. During his prayers, St. Francis was heard to beg God, “No more, for my heart cannot endure it.” When he died, it was discovered that his ribs had broken from the power of his heart beating.

You and I are constantly being pulled by that overwhelming feeling of love. Like campers on a cold night, we can’t help but draw closer to the warmth of the fire. Be prepared, however. That fire will melt the soles right off your tennis shoes. And you’re gonna love it.

“Then you shall be radiant at what you see. Your heart shall throb and overflow.” Is 60:5.
Next time you go to church, bring tissues.


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