Dad, you have a job today

Okay, Dads, listen up. I know that today is a day of breakfast in bed, family games, homemade cards, fishing, and a free round of golf. It’s our day, and we should enjoy it. But we have an important job to do. It’s our job to say, “you’re welcome.”

When all the burned toast, misspelled notes, and other family gifts arrive, they are all thanking you for being there. They are saying thank you for being half of the essential biological equation that caused them to exist. They are saying thank you for teaching them to ride that bike, spell that middle name, and for teaching them the First Law of Mechanics: “righty-tighty, lefty-loosey.” And they are saying I love you.

Your job is to let them know you love the job of fatherhood. It’s your job today to receive those thanks and to welcome them with big smiles, big hugs, and big laughs. Because love is best when it sloshes back and forth. Say you’re welcome, you big lug.

Happy Father’s Day to the Best Father-in-Law ever, Jim (thanks for letting me tie you at golf last weekend). And to my now-deceased birth father, I miss you and hope my flawed woodworking skills aren’t embarrassing you too much. And to my two sons who are fathers…believe it or not, guys, I learn from you, too; thank you.

Now, let’s get out there and be Dads!


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