Where did THAT come from?

We’ve all had those moments. Someone came to us for advice, or we were at a Bible study meeting and words of wisdom came out of our mouths that astounded us (and made a profound difference to the people around us). Think back; you know it has happened to you. Almost always, those moments come upon us without any preparation or forethought. I have recently had friends experience that, and the look on their face was delightful, as they said with shock, “Where did THAT come from?”

Of course, we know where it came from. God was doing exactly what he told Moses, the Disciples and even humble little us he would do. He’ll provide the words that we need precisely when He knows we need them. In Chapter 4 of Exodus, God told a reluctant Moses, “Go, then! (Moses was on his third objection, and God was starting to get a little testy.) It is I who will assist you in speaking and will teach you what you are to say.” and He did, both through Moses and through Aaron. In the Acts of the Apostles, my favorite character, slow-witted Peter took on the well-educated Jewish church leaders with speeches and arguments that brought thousands to Christ.

Don’t bother prepping for it, or trying to make it happen. God doesn’t need to rehearse His lines. It will happen exactly when He wants it to. But believe that it will happen. Enjoy being along for the ride.

It is my hope that this blog is like that, at least sometimes. In truth, most of my best ideas are not essays that I worked on for hours. The best works are ones that appeared under my typing fingers without any input from me at all. There have been times when an idea appeared in my head, and when I looked back later at the words on the screen I wondered who stole my password. It used to confuse me. Now it fills me with joy, knowing that God sneaked into my hands while I wasn’t looking.

Our God is with us always. He works through nature to make the sun shine, the rain fall, and everything else that we need. Why should it surprise us that sometimes WE are the tools that He uses? So, the next time you hear yourself being accidentally profound, sit back, relax, and enjoy His presence.


One thought on “Where did THAT come from?

  1. Then where do the words we say that we wish we hadn’t said come from? Why does He chose those words for us? or is it not Him?

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