What’s good for me? No clue.

My prayers are a lot simpler these days. I have absolutely no idea what I need in my life, and I know God knows, so most of the time, I just thank Him and enjoy the ride. Anything else I would say is probably wrong anyway, so why bother?

I know. It’s easy to say that when things are going right, the stock market is up, there’s peace in (most of) the Middle East, and our children are happy, well-fed and not driving us crazy. But what about the other six days, 23 hours and 52 minutes of the week? Life is a constant challenge, and it seems that we are always in some sort of peril. Can’t we ask for a little help at those times?

Sure. It’s always a good idea to turn to your Father, whether things are going great or going South. If nothing else, reminding yourself that He is with you has a great calming, reassuring effect. If God is with us, who can be against us?

Just don’t limit God’s options for helping you. If the house is on fire, don’t assume that the only solution is for God to help you find a path through the smoke. He may have reasons for helping you climb out the window and down a drainpipe, or maybe he’ll just decide it’s time for the fire to die out. The point is, there are many solutions to all of our problems. God knows every one of them, and the one He selects is probably better than any one you would pick. Being creator of the universe sort of gives him a “bigger picture” perspective, don’t you think?

So, ask for help, but always start or end the prayer as Jesus did in the Garden of Gesthsemane, “not my will, but yours be done.”

Oh, and there’s one more thing you have to do: trust Him.


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