It’s time for the revolution!

Okay, that’s it; I’ve had enough! It’s time, Fellow Christians. Time for us to take back the streets. Enough of this hedonistic, put-religion-in-its-place, politically-correct-and-morally-dead modern sterilism. I am sick of it; I’m mad as heck and I’m not going to take it any more. Huddle up, we’re going to plan the Christian Revolt right now.

Here’s the plan: I want every one of us to go out there and…be Christian! That’s right; we are going to drop “the big one,” and bomb everyone around us with the love of Jesus Christ. Leave no one untouched; love ’em all (even the cranky lady in the grocery line).

Jesus loved his Father’s “house,” the temple. But Jesus did some of his best work walking along the road, hanging out at watering holes (okay, so his was literally a well and yours might be the corner pub, but the principle’s the same), and having dinner with friends and strangers. In other words, Jesus brought his message with him wherever he was and whatever he was doing. That’s how Christianity works; it’s not a one-hour-a-week religion, it’s a 24/7 life of joy. Let’s start living it outside the Church doors.

We don’t have to preach Christianity. Christianity is so powerful it preaches itself. We don’t have to say a word; we just have to act the way Jesus wants us to act. All you need to say is, “Good morning,” “Let me help you,” and “You’re welcome.” Where there is hatred, bring love, where there is injury, bring healing, where there is loneliness, bring friendship. Where there is your fellow human being, bring the face of Jesus.

Will it work? Of course it will. Jesus’ physical ministry only lasted three years, and it was all done on foot by word of mouth. He had no mass media, no mass transit, not even a working bullhorn. Yet within that short time he converted thousands; and within their lifetimes, his 12 apostles converted tens of thousands and set the wheels in motion that have brought one-fourth of the entire world to Jesus and formed the moral foundation of our laws and societies. Our opponents don’t stand a chance.

So, “gird up your loins,” which in modern parlance probably means put on your walking shoes and tighten your belt. Hit the streets, the coffee shops and the homeless shelters. Whatever is needed, give it, large or small. Be a friend, be a volunteer, be a donor; whatever it takes. We’ll check back in next Sunday.


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