How goes the revolution?

Last week, we declared war on the world. We (well, me at least) declared our intent to take back the streets by living Christianity. I suggested that we could bring Christ back into the world by living the way He asked us to live. Our marching orders were clear, simple, and powerful: love God with all your soul and love your neighbor as yourself.

How ya’ doing? Is everyone on your block conquered by your selflessness? Not quite yet, huh? Mine either. That’s okay, I figured this was going to be a long war. Our opponent got an early start on us with that whole apple trick back in Eden. We have a lot of ground to make up. This week, I have brought in reinforcements.

Mother Mary Francis was the Abbess of the Poor Clare Monastery in Roswell, New Mexico. She passed away in 2006, but this morning I read a quote from her that struck me. Referring to St. John the Baptist’s cry to, “make straight the way of the Lord,” Mother Mary Francis said, “I am saying to the whole world, make straight the way of peace by each one being a peacemaker. The way you make it a generous world is by the little acts of generosity, and perhaps most especially by the little hidden victories over selfishness. Each day may we more truly be to the world little voices of peace, of gentleness, of sweetness, of unity.”

Now that’s a battle cry. Onward, Christian soldiers.


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