God, where are you?

St. Theresa of Avila was a nun of the 16th century. She is a Doctor of the Catholic Church, credited with reforming the Carmelite order. She was also a great author and poet. This work, entitled “Seeking God,” is a great pre-meditation piece.

Soul, you must seek yourself in Me
And in yourself seek Me.

With such skill, soul,
Love could portray you in Me
That a painter well gifted
Could never show
So finely that image.

For love you were fashioned
Deep within me
Painted so beautiful, so fair;
If, my beloved, I should lose you,
Soul, in yourself, seek Me.

Well I know that you will discover
Yourself portrayed in My heart
So lifelike drawn
It will be a delight to behold
Yourself so painted.

And should by chance you do not know
Where to find Me
In yourself, seek Me.

Soul, since you are My room,
My house and dwelling,
If at any time
Through your distracted ways
I find the door tightly closed,

Outside yourself seek Me not,
To find Me it will be
Enough only to call Me,
Then quickly will I come,
And in yourself seek Me.


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