Here I am, Jesus

I am waiting here for you to call me. Here in your chapel. Here where you live. I have hopes, but no expectations. I want to serve you, perhaps in glorious ways, but likely in humble ways. My heart yearns for your call. Here I am, Jesus.

It is quiet here. I hesitate to think, lest I break Your Holy stillness. The silence is Your music. I listen, and enjoy the beautiful harmony. You are the conductor of the creation that is Your orchestra. It is perfect. It is stunning. Its beauty is overwhelming. I listen in rapturous wonder. Here I am, Jesus.

My mind is your resting place. If Your will for me is to do nothing, that is what I want most of all to do. If You command me to dance, I will dance with all my strength. If You command me to sit, I will become a stone, fixed in place. Like an obedient manservant, I stand in the shadows and await Your command. Here I am Jesus.

The people call to me and I answer. The blind, the poor, the diseased and the lame. They call to me, saying, “Be my eyes, provide for my needs, heal my wounds, be my legs.” In their suffering and their aloneness, they call out to me and I answer. Here I am, Jesus.


2 thoughts on “Here I am, Jesus

  1. I heard a radio pitch this morning from a protestant preacher discussing Ash Wednesday and how we’re all “doomed to die.” It seems to me this is the opposite of what God wants; we should approach death with, if not eagerness, a peaceful mien, saying “Here I Am” and “Here I Come!”
    Also interesting: that happens to be my wife’s favorite Psalm “Here I Am”

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