What’s Your Glass Ceiling?

It’s time to face it. There’s a barrier between you and God. The barrier is different for every one of us, but the effect is the same. It has stopped us from proceeding upward. Our climb up Jacob’s Ladder has stalled at rung 4,043. We’re hanging on, but we aren’t moving any more. We’ve bumped up against our spiritual “glass ceiling.”

The term “glass ceiling” was first coined back in the 70’s by researchers who realized that something was holding women back from high levels of management. Despite anti discrimination laws and board room lip service, women often saw their careers stop at a certain, invisible barrier. They may have been qualified, but for an invisible, unstated reason, they often just didn’t get selected to move on. The glass ceiling.

Everyone’s path to sainthood has a glass ceiling. In this case, though, the ceiling is always of our own making. Without realizing it, we are holding onto a thought, a bias, or most often a fear that subtly prevents us from taking that next step. In my case, the glass ceiling was a fear of doubt. For most of my life, I had equated doubt with sin. I dared not ask God “Why?” for fear that he would abandon me for my lack of faith. I couldn’t continue to grow spiritually because I was afraid to ask the questions that were really nagging at me. What is your glass ceiling?

Here’s the thing about glass ceilings. They are only made of glass, and glass breaks if you hit it. In fact, a sheet of glass laid flat like a ceiling is probably the easiest to break because it’s already weighed down by itself. It’s just waiting for someone to give it a sharp whack.

If you’re like me (a Christian Chicken), you could use a little help. More good news; God is standing next to you with a hammer and grinning like a five-year-old who’s about to do something naughty. Ask Him and he’ll whack it with you.

I know what you’re afraid of. You are about to break a huge piece of glass that has been there your whole life, and you are standing right beneath it. The shards will cut you to ribbons, won’t they? You know the answer as well as I do. What you’re about to discover is “sugar glass.” Sugar glass was invented and used in the movie business for years. Stunt crews realized that baking sugar at 150 degrees would melt it into a sheet of something that looked just like glass, and shattered like glass, but didn’t have sharp edges (and tasted good in their coffee after the director said, “Cut!”). That barrier between you and spiritual progress is glass, but it’s sugar glass. Like many fears, it looks real but it’s harmless.

And breaking it will be fun.


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