Uh oh, God is editing me

What do you do when God won’t let you publish something? For several weeks, I have been trying to upload a post about miracles. Each time I hit the “Publish” button, I’d get a message telling me the attempt failed. I felt like I was working for Rupert Murdoch and he was having a bad day. Ironically, I could publish different posts. This morning, in frustration, I deleted the post that wouldn’t upload and replaced it with this one. Bodda bing, it went on with no problem. I wonder if God is trying to tell me something (other than that I have the technical skills of a yam). I decided to put that post on a shelf. I’ll come back to it later to see whether the message still rings true, or conveys something I didn’t intend (or, more likely, something God doesn’t intend).

It would be nice if staying on His narrow path was that easy, wouldn’t it? Every time we were about to say something in error or lead someone else astray, God would put a hand over our mouth and tell us to hush before we stuck our foot in our mouth. We could reduce our confessional time by weeks! Okay, maybe by days, but you get the point. Having God as our editor would make life easier.

But that’s not the way the world works. Every day, every one of us says things and does things that we know are wrong or that we would recognize as wrong if we would step back a couple paces and look at it. Usually, God doesn’t correct our mistakes in advance. He allows us to use our judgement and to follow our own instincts. Why? God is love, so He’s not doing it to get a good laugh at our expense. God wants to draw us closer, not drive us farther away, so why allow us to lead ourselves down wrong paths?

Maybe it’s because He understands His creation better than we do. Perhaps He knows that “trial and error” applies to spiritual development just as it does for everything from basic math to ecological evolution. Sometimes the best lessons are the ones learned the hard way. We have to fall so we know what method of flying doesn’t work.

Unfortunately, that must mean I have some lessons yet to learn about miracles. Or about how to post to a blog.


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