New orders, Christian Revolutionaries

Shhh, be vewwy quiet (sorry, couldn’t resist a little Elmer Fudd in the morning).

Today, Christian Revolutionistas, we are going to change tactics on our targets. Today we are “Snipers for Jesus.” The order for the day is simple: pick one target and love ’em until you see Jesus in their face. Extra bonus points for you if you choose a grump for your subject.

This may mean a morning kiss and fresh breakfast (but the kiss is probably a bad idea if you choose your boss as the subject). It may mean you let that nitwit in the red car cut you off…again. It may require you to make a fast phone call to this person, just to say, “hey!” but preferably, today’s subject is someone you will run into more than once, so you can practice your “Jesus moves” repeatedly.

Why sniper tactics? Because your Faithful Squad Leader (me) has the attention span of a bug, and I know that when you get busy, you do too. How many times have we gone out determined to love our neighbors, only to forget as soon as we get in the back of the line at the coffee shop? By focusing on just one target, perhaps it will be easier to remember that Generalissimo Jesus has issued General Order Number Two: love your neighbor as yourself. (General Order Number One, of course, is to love the Lord your God with all your mind, with all your soul and with all your strength.) Today, let’s focus on just one neighbor, and do unto him like Jesus.

Got it? Any questions? Okay, then, we will rendezvous tonight at Oh-what-the-heck-thirty. Into the Jungles, Christian Soldiers!


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