Happy New Year?

Doesn’t the Tuesday after Labor Day always feel like a New Year has begun? It’s the social transition of seasons, from the unique pace of Summer to the different stride of Fall. It may be a faster or slower pace, depending upon your own family makeup. For me, with five children, Labor Day has always been the change from a relatively-un scheduled family life to a strict regimen of school days, after-school events, clubs, sports and evening meetings. We lived by a huge wall calendar with each person’s schedule on it in its own unique color.

My children are all adults now. My oldest son’s family is just beginning to learn the Fall routine as my granddaughter starts her first preschool classes. But still, I feel that turning of the season. Even the weather has gotten into the act; what was a warm summery weekend descended into a chilly Monday. A warning, perhaps that warm days don’t last forever. The tide turns even for those of us who aren’t in the navy any more.

Whenever God’s creation changes, it is a good time to make changes of our own. Maybe today is a good day for a quick “moral inventory” of our life, and a bit of spiritual housecleaning before we button things down for the cool weather ahead. For me, I’m starting today with a new resolution to actively-seek the face of Jesus in everyone with whom I come in contact. He’s always there, but we seldom take the time to look for him at the grocery store, the office or in the voice of that telemarketer who won’t give up. Today I pledge a little extra effort to see the Lord.

This resolution may or may not last. I am still a weak spirit, and the wind can knock me over. But God loves those of us who try, fail, and try again. Happy September, and have a God-filled day.


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