Will you answer his call

Pope Francis has called for a worldwide day of prayer and fasting for peace in Syria tomorrow. Will you answer his call, or will you say no?

Country after country in the Middle East has been torn by radical violence, civil unrest, and outright war. Billions of dollars and millions of souls have been lost to terror bombs, air strikes and the pestilence that always follows violence. Will you answer his call, or will you say no?

The government of Syria has allegedly done the unthinkable, unleashing poison gas on its own people. Rebels kill soldiers, radicals kill Christians, and the innocent are caught in between. Will you answer his call or will you say no?

Our country and the rest of the civilized world are near wit’s end. We know that to not respond is to encourage more evil, but we fear that a violent response will open the door to even more evil. Our President and other leaders are only human, and have only human tools at their disposal. Will you answer his call, or will you say no?

Jesus calls us to rely on him in small things and in great things. Remember how Jesus sent his disciples out two-by-two to heal the sick and cast out demons, but they could not exorcise a demon that had possessed a young boy? After Jesus expelled the demon, he explained to his disciples that some evils can only be removed by prayer and fasting. Will you answer his call, or will you say no?


One thought on “Will you answer his call

  1. Thank you for this powerful reminder. How often have I actually fasted and prayed for my needs or our needs-not often, in fact you could probably count the times on one hand. I do plan to pray and fast on Sat and will urge my family to do likewise. The scripture passage you cited is a perfect example of what Christ taught. God Bless you for this message.

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