Good morning, Abba. Thank you for everything in my life, from the thin, crisp frosting of snow on our lawn to the awesomeness of my wife and her love for me. My most recent self-help regimen tells me to start every day with gratitude. Well, I can’t see a single thing around me that I’m not grateful for! Even the bad stuff has a place in my life, because I know that if I weren’t challenged, I would become even more of a slug.

Linda and I attended a two part lecture in church a couple of weeks ago. The topic was social justice and the speaker was an incredible teacher from St. Ambrose Academy. One of the many diamonds of information that I took away from her talk was a quote from one of the Saints (Aquinas?) who said that one individual person is worth more to God than His entire work of creation. Amazing.

How can we ever despair when we know the Creator values each of us, as we are, more than diamonds, gold, the Earth, the Sun and all of the cosmos? How can we ever be lonely or unwanted? How can we think we are nothing, useless, dumb, stupid, fat, skinny, ugly, poor, greedy, lazy, or any of the other negative tags that we attach to ourselves? We did not put ourselves here, we did not design our upbringing, environment or education. We were planned, considered, created, and above all, loved by God. Loved by Him as we are, where we are, what we are, and who we are.

Just let the thought soak into you for a while. You have a unique, individual relationship with Him. He wants YOU to exist. He knows your strengths and your flaws. And he loves them.

Now then, what are you grateful for today?


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