Another lesson from a two year old

I learn a lot about Christianity from toddlers. I suspect God, who created our sense of humor, intended it that way.

This most recent lesson was about service to others. My schoolmaster was my two-year-old grandson. Last week he had been having an all-around bad day and woke up way too early from his nap, mad at the world and unconsolable. He was willing to sit in my lap, so we snuggled in the rocking chair. Before I knew it, the little guy had fallen back to sleep in my arms.

Now what? I knew that he would wake up if I moved, but I had things to do! There were clients to call, reports to write, paperwork to get done, and a list of other bits of adulthood that needed “adulting.” The one thing I did not have was the time to sit for 30 minutes accomplishing nothing.

But if I moved, a two-year-old boy would wake up from sleep that he really needed.

As it turns out, it wasn’t 30 minutes, it was an hour. And it was probably one of the most relaxing hours of my week. The only thing I could do for that hour was tend to his needs, and his need from me was not to move, talk or in any other way make him uncomfortable. I was furniture.

I think I can say that I was good furniture for that hour. The adult stuff got done, a little later than my plan called for, but still in plenty of time. And a little boy’s day was just a little bit better than it would have been.

Not my will, but Yours be done today.


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