King David and the first parish festival

After much study and research, I have discovered the historic roots of the first parish festival. It was King David’s idea!

This morning’s first reading is from Chapter 6 of the Second Book of Samuel. King David was bringing the Ark of the Covenant into the city, and that was a cause for a huge party. First, David was so overcome with joy that he “danced with abandon.” There was lots of music and noise, which I am sure seems very familiar to the people who live near our church. Sorry, but apparently we children of God have a long history of partying. We’ll try to keep the noise respectable.

After the Ark had been put in its new home, David, wearing an apron, served up roast meat, a loaf of bread and a raisin cake (sounds like a scone…mmmmm) to “the entire multitude of Israel.” No word about the parish raffle or the dunk tank. I’m sure the scripture writers just forgot those parts of the story, or maybe they only had one sheet of parchment left.

All in all, it was a party for the history books. And the reason for it? Oh, yes, they were celebrating the presence of God in their community.

Amen, people of Israel.


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