Who does God want you to help today?

Today’s Gospel reading (Mt 25:31-46) is one of those “tough love,” statements that soft and squishy Christians (like me) would prefer to avoid. Jesus talks about separating “all the nations” into sheep and goats. The sheep get eternal reward in Heaven. The goats get eternal punishment. What separates the two? Caring for their neighbor during their life on Earth. The sheep are those who fed, sheltered, and cared for the poor, the lonely and the hurting. The goats took care of nobody but themselves.

While the message is pretty clear (and sobering), did you notice that the sheep weren’t aware of who they were serving? Jesus predicts that, even when they’re standing in front of Jesus, the sheep won’t realize that when they were caring for the less fortunate, they were actually caring for Jesus himself.

I think about that and I reflect on my day. There weren’t too many blind, lame or lepers in my path today. But there was a funeral for a member of my parish that I was just too busy to attend, and I skirted around the tall homeless guy at the bus stop who asked me for a couple dollars. I was nice to my spouse, but I seem to recall reading that “even the pagans” love their own family members. Hmmm. I hope I have another shot at this tomorrow.


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