Be God’s Greeter

There’s a very large chain store that for many years hired people to do nothing more than say good morning as you walked in. Their mission was to start the shopping part of your day on a positive note. I am told that the position of “greeter” is no longer being offered. That’s too bad. I don’t begrudge any store their business decisions, and undoubtedly, paying someone to offer up nothing of substance other than a cheery face and a few words of welcome is hardly the most efficient use of human capital. But, from a human perspective, I think Greeter should be the essential job in any corporation.

We all need greeting. We all need to be recognized and made to feel welcome just because we are human. Just because we are here in this place right now. Just because God said we are supposed to love one another, and with most people, smiling and saying hello is about all the loving you’re going to be able to give them.
Greeting isn’t a marriage proposal or a challenge to Repent, for the end is near! Greeting is a sidewalk form of love. It’s one basic way humans can reassure one another that the world is not quite controlled by evil. Like a gang sign or the password of a secret society, greeting is our way of giving our co-conspirators a wink and a nod that says, “Yes, Jesus is still here, and he still loves you…and I’m here for you too.” Greeting is our daily dose of anti-aloneness medicine.

God has long-recognized the vital role that greeting plays in life. Saintly Mother Teresa of Calcutta told the women of her religious order, “Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God’s kindness.” In a book for recovering alcoholics published by the Hazelden Corporation, the thought for February 24 says, “Take all who come to you as sent by God and give them a royal welcome.”

So, I greet you. Good morning! I hope you have a wonderful day. I really do.


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