You are no accident

Sorry once again for the long pause between posts. I won’t make excuses; procrastination seems to occupy a large portion of my DNA. I’m working on it.

I had one of those moments yesterday. I was doing some last minute nature-loving at our cabin in the woods and Jesus decided to sit with me and have a talk. The quiet fall day was a perfect setting for a conversation with the Lord, because he always talks to me in a very soft voice. It’s easy to hear Him when you’re sitting on a porch step staring at the orange and brown leaves. The conversation was about purpose.

Prior to my visit with the Almighty, I had been reading a detective novel. Toward the end of the novel, the Chief of Police was telling the main character that “You were put on this earth for a purpose.” In the case of this novel, the detective’s purpose was to solve crime. But it struck me that we were all put here on this earth for a purpose. Each of us has a unique thing to do and a unique path to follow.

It’s tempting sometimes to feel that God has forgotten to tell us our purpose. He hasn’t forgotten. Discovering our purpose is in some mysterious way an integral part of our mission. Life in the flesh is primary school; we can’t graduate to eternal life until we’ve done what we’re assigned down here. But how do we do that? By following your God-given talents. I’ve met a lot of people in my half-century or so of life, and every one of them has a unique batch of talents, interests and opportunities. God set up your kitchen with a specific set of tools and ingredients. Just follow the recipe. Follow your talents; follow your heart. That’s where your mission lies. God’s purpose for you becomes clearer when you use the path God laid out for you.

You see, none of us is here by mistake. The saddest story being told by some of God’s lost children is that we are nothing but an accidental result of a multi-generational DNA mix-and-match. We are the product of random evolution and natural selection. Nonsense. We are the product of evolution, it is true, but there’s nothing random about it. Every hair on your head has been counted (or, in my mid-life case…subtracted). You have been placed where you are for a purpose by a God who knows the name of every sparrow that falls in the woods. You’re a whole lot more important to him than that sparrow.

Our lives may look random to us, but that’s to be expected. We are the creatures, not the creator. We don’t see all the moving parts. But Jesus has. He knows where we are heading.

So, I’m back to writing. I may not be great at it, but it’s the one thing that has always come easily to me; a God-given talent if you will. I didn’t create it; He did. Where will this lead me? I don’t know…I’m just following the path He set for me.


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