Not what I was looking for

I was hoping to dash off a quick blog post this morning, but needed one quick factoid. So I went to the internet, hoping to confirm a quote that I had heard. Instead, I came to a dead stop when I discovered Dorothy Day.

I’d heard of Dorothy Day, and read a little about her, but nothing complete. She founded what became known as the Catholic Worker Movement back in the beginnings of the American Industrial Age. She was a writer, and she is being considered for sainthood.

She also chose to have an abortion. She had a child with a common-law husband. She lived and worked among the poor and had little patience for people who gave lip service to loving their fellows. She is not your ordinary “What a sweet lady”-type saint.

I love it when the Church introduces me to someone I’m not expecting. When it challenges my preconceptions about what is and what is not saintly. When I realize once again that the word “catholic” means “universal.” The church is way bigger than you and I, way broader than all of us, way more inclusive than we give it credit for being.

I’m going to spend some time learning about Dorothy Day, and I hope you do too. Let me know what you find.


One thought on “Not what I was looking for

  1. I love Dorothy Day. It was learning about her and Peter Maurin that led me from/through anarchism to the Church, and for that I can’t be grateful enough 🙂

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