Facing Up to My Hypocrisy

I am a hypocrite. I claim to follow Jesus and to live my life according to his word, but that’s not true. In at least one way, I am defying the will of the Lord. “Sell everything you own and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven.” (Luke 18:22)  I can’t do that.

I truly struggle with this. I know that possessions occupy too much of my time. I am not wealthy, but I am comfortable. I own two houses, two cars, nice clothes, books, electronics, et al. They distract me from living a life of service to others; in other words, from living according to God’s word. But I also know that I will not give them up. I have a family to support; I have bills to pay. These things seem necessary parts of my life.

I have put this on God’s altar. I don’t have the courage to literally offer him all that I possess, but this much I can do: I offered up my fear of poverty, my love for material things, and I offered  him my unwillingness. I have prayed to God to make me willing to give these things up.

And I prayed for trust. Trust, because that same bible chapter says that we will receive 100 times more of these things in this lifetime, plus eternal life in the next. Trust because later in that same chapter, when people say, “Then who can be saved?” Jesus responds, “For man this is impossible, but for God nothing is impossible.” God is not calling us to live a life of poverty; he is calling us to live a life of complete trust in his will. Trust in His will, not our own. That is the key.

Because it’s not the possessions, it’s the attachment to those possessions. It’s not the money, it’s the love of the money. It’s not the clinging to financial security, it’s the lack of trust in God.

Pray for me, Brothers and Sisters.


One thought on “Facing Up to My Hypocrisy

  1. Hello random — Jesus does not say the same thing to all people. Lydia the seller of purple in the Book of Acts is based upon the context likely wealthy, her house hosts the first church in Phillipi and her profession was lucrative, yet she is not told to sell everything.

    It is only the Rich Young Ruler who is told to sell everything, why? because it was what was preventing him from following Jesus. The rich young ruler had made his riches an idol and was following them as Jesus said, if you love one master, you will hate the other.

    Seeing this love of money, Jesus pointed him to what he needed to do to follow Jesus. The fact that the Rich Young Ruler refused to do so and went away sad is one of the saddest moments in the Bible.

    So yes, give everything to him including fear and everything you own, it is His after all and let Him direct you what to do with it. He may tell you sell everything, He may tell you sell some, He may tell you to host a church like Lydia.

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