As simple as breathing

I am in search of proof for my belief that being a Christian is simple. But it’s not working. I keep finding that Christianity is more like life itself; simple on the surface but more complex than I can possibly understand underneath.

This morning I wanted to write a post claiming that being a Christian is as simple as breathing. We breathe in, we breathe out; that’s it. We do it without even thinking about it; 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is more reliable than the U.S. Post Office. What could be less complicated?

But the whole simile falls apart when you examine the act of breathing and realize how incredibly-complex it is. Think about it. What machine in your life is operating continuously 24/7 for decades, adjusting automatically to changes in demands for its services without any operator input at all? How many muscles have to bend and flex in perfect harmony to produce the acts of inhalation and exhalation? Breathing is more like a symphony than a one-man band.

Perhaps Christianity is more like breathing than I thought. It is universal; with us everywhere and at all times. It is always the same but at the same time always adapting to the people it touches. It is simple in the sense that it demands nothing from us other than to allow it to be part of us. But it is as rich and complex as life itself. We can study it for years and never learn everything about its mystery.

Or we can simply accept it as essential to our lives and it will sustain us.


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