There’s no time for that

This weekend, God reminded me once again that time is one of those things that we humans fuss about far more than He does. I was grumpy going into the weekend because I had volunteered to do a few things at church and it looked like I wasn’t going to have any free time (or, to put it more accurately, no “me” time). But as I sit here on Monday morning looking back on the weekend, I realize that the volunteer duties were all tremendously rewarding, I got done about three times the amount of things that I thought I possibly could get done in a weekend, and lastly, there was plenty of “me” time.

We hold ourselves back so often, thinking we don’t have the time or the talents to do all that God wants us to do. Or we approach giving of ourselves as if it were a prison sentence. Sometimes, time seems so limited. But the Kingdom of Heaven has no limits. In God’s kingdom, time is not measured in seconds, minutes, hours or even days. Love is all that’s measured.

God will let us live according to our own schedule. We can be miserly with time. If we insist that we just don’t have time for this or that, we won’t. Funny thing, though. I have found that when I hold onto my time as if it were my own little sack of gold, giving away small pieces grudgingly, it runs through my hands like water. But when I forget about time and instead give love, I discover that I’m swimming in an ocean of time. What needs to be done gets done. And there’s time for even more.

Because God measures love, not time, He lives in eternity. And we are free to live there with Him. Anytime.


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