So why this subject? Simple; too many of my friends shy away from Catholicism because it intimidates them, or they don’t understand “all the rules.” The one rule is the rule that matters. God wants us to love one another. The Catholic Church is his vehicle for spreading that word.

I’m a combination of Catholic and Thoreau-ist. Our lives truly are “frittered away by detail,” as Henry David puts it. There’s one detail, and a very simple detail that matters. The rest of the details either support that rule, or they don’t matter.

This blog is anything but an attack on the Church. What I have come to believe very firmly is that thousands of years of theological study rooted in words spoken by God himself are probably reliable…no matter what alternate theories I may have cooked up over a couple of beers or a one-semester theology course. This blog is very simply a call to simplicity; a call to love. And I invite you to explore that simple idea with me.

Thanks for reading.


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